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Gelato Bases
A well balanced base is the secret, not just for a tasty ice-cream, but also for a fresh, creamy, spreadable, warm to the palate and rich in flavour product, extremely resistant in the ice-cream window display. From our long ex­perience, we have created very special formulas to rely on a base which is excellent from all points of view and consistent in creaminess and structure.
Flavouring Pastes
Through a careful selection of the raw material we have created a prestigious line of semi finished products in paste of unique flavours. Only the best IGP hazelnuts, Bronte pistachios, a selection of the best cocoa powder, Madagascar vanilla beans and natural aromas to reach the most authentic taste.
Variegato and Fillings
Essential ingredient in today’s gelato production, variegato does not just give a decorative touch to the display window, but also enriches the ice-cream with character and different consistencies.
Other products
Many different products to improve your gelato and pastry creations with flavour, colour and imagination.

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